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The employee Shinoda-chan started to pay attention to the upstairs neighbor since moving to the new apartment because of her attractive, sexy dress and hot body even though she was married. Coincidentally, he accidentally discovered that his colleague was a student in one of her cooking classes. From then on, opportunities began to appear when he was invited by him to attend class with him. At first, he thought she was a good and gentle woman, until he gradually got to know her and realized that his discovery was completely wrong. She was unbelievably lustful, from the very beginning, she took actions to seduce and provoke him until the following days were no exception, coming to her house to learn how to cook but she treated her like a toy. sex.

JUY-951 Sexy girl next door
JUY-951 Sexy girl next door
 Movie Code: JUY-951 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Maki Tomoda 
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